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Lancashire help and guidance

Guest BOBS928

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Hi to all

Suzuki GN 250

Registered 1993( L plate )

Had the motor cycle about 10 months, I commute to work every day on it, 12 miles round trip.

Had a new exhaust about 2 months ago due to the bike being a little noisy, the mechanic informed me one of the studs is a little loose, but should be ok?

The bike lately has started to sound like a motor boat instead of a motor cycle, plus it seems to be a little cranky.

I have been informed it may be the exhaust stud, but I am not really sure, I don’t want to take my motor cycle to a garage again, as I am afraid of being ripped off again.

Is there anyone in Lancashire who knows a bit about bikes, that could give me some guidance and how to repair myself, I reside in the Burnley area.

I am quite happy to commute if need be

Thanks again for reading

Bobs 928

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Not local enough to pop round.. but ..

If it is blowing, then exhaust gases should be escaping. And if it is that bad you will physically be able to see any hole/gap.

If you smoke, then by blowing smoke towards the noisy area will reveal any leaks, as it ill disturb the smoke cloud. Obviously smoking is bad for you :mrgreen:

Also, a hand near the noisy area, you should be able to feel if it is blowing. Mind out, exhausts are hot!! :D

Can you get a socket to the studs? See if they are loose?

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Have to disagree with the mechanic.........exhaust stud loose is not ok. The stud needs to be tightened down correctly or the header will come loose, even by .5mm will cause the engine to become cranky. It will not get better, only worse. Do not try to put exhaust paste or similar on it........it will not work. If the exhaust has to come off to gain access to stud then off with the exhaust. Tighten the stud, exhaust back on with decent gasket/washer/ or whateve it uses, and re-tighten exhaust nuts. Not a difficult job.........Sat/Sun afternoon job.

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