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Bike time :D

No its a bad thing, i havent had 1 snowball fight... plus it means i have had to walk that two feet into college instead of ride it, so it has actually been making me fitter and saving my wallet :)

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If it gets above zero and all the ice disappears then I might be tempted to get the bike out and check it still works!!

Otherwise it's a delve into the manual to find out where the battery is and how to get at it.


I took a peek under my tank and seat once 8-)

Opened it up and saw wires......................Lots of wires :eek2:

Quickly closed it back up :lol: :lol:

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Rained on the way back from Hertfordshire yesterday but got progressively colder the further north we got! :shock:

It's melted some of the snow here but definitely frozen again overnight, so daresay the roads are rather icy this morning!!

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