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im very lucky


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to have my driving licence ,to cut a long story short got stopped in september doing 37 mph over the limit so had to go to court yesterday and ending up getting 6 points and a fine putting me on 9 points now so will be sticking to the limits from now on judge said i was lucky not to get a ban .Think it helpped pleading my case as a drive for a living.I know everyone goes on about speed cameras, police etc but at the end of the day its the law so just ride careful ,think we all speed from time to time just keep an eye out. :)

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yer something like that i broke the law and got caught suppose i just go to live with it now


I think that is the best way to look at it, no point crying over spilt milk. just ride carefully and enjoy your licence!

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You was lucky to keep your licence...unlucky for getting caught. :wink:

Don't say you don't,, we all speed, some more than others and at some point in time your going to get caught.

I have been very lucky, only caught once, 40 in a 30, 3 points and a fixed penalty fine. but that was a least 20 years ago. been clean ever since but could have lost my licence many times over. :angel12:

Think most would agree, better to be stopped by a copper than to get flashed by a camara. at least the copper can take any variants into consideration. ie, road conditions, time of day, location etc.

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Nice to see someone being so stoic about it, you do the crime, you do the time.

TBH Doing almost twice the speed limit and over the National speed limit, you are lucky to keep your license.

Take care for a while now, and I'm not being holier than thou as there but for the grace goes I. Just not been caught.

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