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Which handlebar muffs do you have, and do you rate them?

Guest CobbZ

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Hi there, just to get to the point i'm not looking to be told anything about heated grips, heated gloves, trailie hand guards, or anything else like silk undergloves e.t.c...

I am currently on a hire bike (yes, still - over a month from my accident - they've just done the inspection so will be another few weeks until i'm off it), so i can't fit anything permanent to it. Its bloody freezing at the moment so i'll be buying some muffs. Either from hein gericke or eBay, depending on what hein gericke stock...

I see the main few companies are Motrax, Oxford, Oxford Bone Dry, Dr Bike, and Bike-it.co.uk.

I'm leaning towards the motrax as they look like they're in the price range, not too expensive, but not so cheap they're gonna be crap.

So, can i please ask for your thoughts and personal reviews ladies + gents? (surprisingly, this includes Dan :up: hehe)

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What is the bike? I had Oxford Bone drys and they were decent enough but not for a sports bike as there wasnt enough clearance between the bars and the tank. As soon as I hit higher speeds they would start to press against the levers too which wasnt fun. I put some rigid plastic inside to make them a bit more solid which did the job however as I said, not much good on a sports style bike.

Ive heard you can make some yourself out of the large milk containers, might save you a few quid if its only a temporary thing?

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Never used them mate. There was a guy on here who used the HG ones and rated them though. And I think nman used the motrax ones before now too. Anything that keeps the wind off must be a good thing mate.

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Cheers guys. I'm on a bandit and will be getting something similar after this, no sports bikes for a little while :)

Yeah I've heard about them pressing on the levers, should be able to solve. Thanks guys

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