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Flat Battery - ZX12r Ninja


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Stop laughing, I have a flat battery :(

I have a charger, etc. and fully accept that I won't be going anywhere on two wheels today (best take my boots off then). But, I need a socket set to get the battery tray out of the bike (!) and I don't have one. Anyone know if it's possible to get the leads onto the battery without having to open the entire bike up?

If not, I'll have to suck it up and go and get myself a basic socket set (any recommendations welcome).

Cheers folks :D

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Thanks bigsis :D

All fixed now. I went to check on it and started up all fine. Couldn't leave it on charge because I have to use an extension and I couldn't close my back door with that out. I'll just have to remember to pop it on charge for a couple of hours every few days.

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just hope your battery is ok jo

the cold can get to it really quickly and it wont hold a charge hence why us summer riders keep them on an optimate :lol:

just hope your lucky and dont need a new battery

good idea charging it every few days :thumb:

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