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Top kit for touring

Guest Levinin

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I'm not a biker myself but my brother is going for a long trip in the summer which will take in both hot and cold climates. He's not made of money so I'd like to get him some kit he might need for the trip. He has the basics but he hasn't been on a trip this long before so I'm sure there are useful things he could do with that he hasn't necessarily thought of.

What are the top few useful items you would pack for a trip? His birthday is not long after Christmas so ideas would do for both!

Thanks in advance for all replies.


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hello and welcome :D

please say hello in the newbies section

and put your location in your profile :lol:

As for what to get him, depends on what he's already got really! :lol:

I think your bike kit is a personal thing,

have you thought about vouchers from a dealer or Hein Gerriecke for example?

that way he could choose his own kit.

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Is he camping, off the beaten track? If so I would recommend:

a water filter (for camping not kitchen lol)

Camping towel (saves loads of space, I use mine even if I am B&Bing)

Metal water bottles

Blacks or Cotswold vouchers

Pucture repair kit for tubeless tyres (any bike shop should have them)

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my favourite touring gear is:-

Hein gericke summer jacket & trousers (the airtec type )

cheap thin waterproof jacket and trousers (about £40 from J&S in Doncaster) these can also be used as extra layers first thing in the morning when it's cooler and the jacket can be used for wearing when going down to the pub instead of bike gear.

one of the most important items is a spare set of gloves for when the first set get wet.

heated grips ? nah get some waterproof overmits they keep the hands dry and retain any warmth

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heated grips ? nah get some waterproof overmits they keep the hands dry and retain any warmth


Both! Gloves can be as good as you like, they retain heat, that is all, heated grips are a source of heat (or those heated inner gloves you can get). Just a thought, I'm still currently riding around in summer gloves so have no prior expereince with either, but both fozzie and gin have heated grips and love em to bits

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