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Help please?


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I ride a Honda 160 Megapro here in Indonesia, which is similar to a CG.

Over the last few days I've noticed a squeaking sound when I'm riding the bike. It's like you might hear on a push bike if you hadn't oiled the wheels or something... It's loud enough to be heard when I'm going at 30mph.

I've spun the wheels at separately at home, no sound at all! There's no play in the wheels so on the face of it, the bearings seem ok, to me at least. The squeaking sound stays the same, whether the clutch is engaged or not...

I'm baffled as to what this might be. Any ideas?


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Iank's bike i used to ride got bad for squeaking, turned out to be the rear sprocket bearing ... whatever that is :P

It failed the MOT on it.


Hmm, if it's any help to the OP, i did immediately think of checking all the bearings (after all it's really quick and easy to give 'em a quick check and they are rather important either way :shock: )

You should replace the sprocket carrier bearing when you replace the rear wheel bearing. I imagine lots of people don't.

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