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2007 suzuki gsxr 600cc fuel light


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Does anyone know how much fuel i have left when the petrol light comes on. Not sure why suzuki didnt put a fuel guage on the bike its a bit of a gamble guessing how much i have left in the tank.

When it first comes on how many miles roughly do i have left when riding conservstively.

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you should have two reserve lights :wink:

first a flashing light then a solid one

flashing light will be around 3 litres left solid light will be half of flashing :)

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According to my manual for the gixer thou

The fuel light flashes when I have 3litres of fuel left

When I have 1litre left the light stays on

Not sure if its the same for the 600 or 750


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so 3 litres at appx 10 miles per litre= 30 miles to bone dry!

Don't think I'd be wanting to risk much more than 20 though!

My old blade didn't have a fuel guage or a light, it did have reserve though.

I got it wrong once, on my Spain trip!, switched to reserve in the fast lane

of the M/way, with about 30 miles to go till next services :shock:

I slowed down and prayed :lol:

It ran out and the engine died about half way up the slip road

to the services!! I only had to push it about 50 metres :lol:

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I nearly had the same when i first got the bike. Forgot that garages normally only put enough fuel in the tank to get to the closest fuel pumps. Theres me chugging down the A1 when the light comes on. Thank god for google maps om phone id have been stranded in some random country village. Found a small petrol station. That was an experience for my first time on a 600

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