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So, reviving a 125 4 stroke, made by kymco (used to supply honda's so possibly pretty close to the honda 125's)?

The carb is somewhat terminal, after leaving it out over winter the muxture needle is seized and stripped and basically needs replacing.

Due to the obscurity of the bike its pretty difficult to find out anything about the origional carb (not sure if the one i have is the origional) so i'm aiming to get something simular to what was on there which would be This.

So i'm basically looking for acarb with electric choke (is it 100% neccisary?) and acceleration pump (this to?).

Would This carb surfice?

How is the engine likely to run with a different carb on there? I know very little about swapping around carbs so am just concerned that if i get a different carb the thing wont run.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Best regards


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This is purely an opinion, Im not a mechanic in any way shape or form, so don't take this as fact.

A carburettor simply atomises fuel and mixes it with air to get a mixture suitable for cumbustion, I can't see how using a carb from the same capacity bike would not work (if setup properly), except of course how it attaches to the bike and delivers the mixture to the cylinders

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Exactly what I was hoping to hear...

I do have a spare NSR carb but that would just be silly with it being a 2 stroke carb...

My main concerns are the acceleration pump and electric choke...

For the sake of £20 I might give it a punt. Hopefully this bike will save me muchos in fuel due to my new 50 mile commute twice a week (and yes, I'm fully aware its not going to be much fun heh).

Cheers for the input.

Best regards


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