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Guide to Restricting your carbed bike.


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Alright, this is for all you carb'ed bikers out there. :wink:

Ive found quite a good picture though which demonstrates their location.

This will be the same for most if not all kits that use discs for restricting down to 33bhp, be it 2 cylinder, 4, whatever.

They always go into the inlet rubbers. Do not know of a kit consiting of discs which doesnt.

If your bike does not use discs for restricting this will not be of help, as they will fit into another part of the carb.

So you have your kit like this. They will look similar for all bikes, a metal washer with a hole in to restrict the intake flow.




Locate the carbs which should be easy, and you will have to loosen the clips securing them at both the airbox side and engine side. For this example im using my Bandit. The airbox can be unbolted and slid back. Once this is done slide the carbs back so there is a gap to reach into the rubbers.




Pop the kit into the rubbers, and there you have it.

This shows what they look like in position.




Slide the carbs back on, make sure they line up, bolt the airbox back on and secure the clips.

And there you have it. Easy enough to do, and wont need to pay the garage silly amounts.

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Seen this a while ago on a different website :) , U shall recieve no thunder bullet lol.

And I only gave up cus I rounded a screw off that was holding the carbs on lol, got stressed so decided to let someone else deal with it :D

good post tho , should make it a sticky

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