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The best spark plug for my bike? And 16T sprocket question

Guest philster

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My friend who likes my bike [Pioneer 125] says the current spark plug in it is rubbish [it's made by 'Torch'] and i should buy a good new one. Was lookin on website and there are 2 choices for my bike:

1. NGK D8EA Spark Plug (2120) £1.49

2. NHSP LD D8TC 101 Spark Plug £1.59

I don't know which is the best, so please help me. Also, i basically don't really know what the spark plug even does...so a little explanation would be really grateful too. Thanks ^^

The other thing is, ive read everyone says upgrade the front sprocket to a 16T. What does this mean, and what will it improve on the bike? Thank you!!

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A new spark plug wont make a massive difference (in fact you probs wont notice much), however it the NGK is a better plug ...

The spark plugs job is to initiate the explosion in the engine making the engine spin ... so its fairly important ... Your bike makes the spark plug "spark" at the right moment just as fuel and air (mixed by the carbs) is forced into the engine ... Google how an engine works.

Upgrading from what to a 16t sprocket ? ... im guessing from a lower to higher tooth ... in which case it should increase your top speed slightly but you will loose acceleration

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