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No service History.


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I'm looking at a new car for the family, nothing special.

The car is a mazda5 7 Seats, its mint, fully loaded etc...

Its done 51,000 on a 2.0 Diesel on an 06 first reg 31.08.2006. I rang to confirm the viewing and the sales man was very sorry but he could not locate the service history folder/book.

To be fair he thought it was in the car's file, but he could not find it. He didn't want me to travel all the way with out me knowing. He's going to try to track it down tomrrow and let me know.

The question is...

Is there any way of tracking a digital Service history?

As this is our only car I am very reluctant to buy a car with out service history.

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If they know where it's been serviced you could check it out? Long shot tho.

To be honest I'd check the car out if it's good and sound (take someone with you if you're unsure) use it as a major haggling point and knock a chunk off the price then get a full service/check done if you buy it(I'd alway recommend doing this unless you 100% trust the seller). if you're planning on keeping it a while you've got nothing to lose apart from a big discount ;)

Plus if it's from a dealer you have legal back up if it all goes Pete tong

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My plan istospeak to a mazda dealer tomrrow and see if they have anything on their system. My mate has the same issue with a citoen and they were able give him a full print out of the cars history. if I do haggle with this as a point how much should I go for. no service history is a big downer when selling a car. they are asking £7500.

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Unless you know its history I would walk away. Your best bet is if Mazdda can tell you its history. If that checks out ok just use it as a huge bargaining point. If they have complete records they may even be willing to stamp up a replacement service book for you.

I bought a Ka for my daughter. It had missed a sevice but had only done 2k in the 2 year period. The car was mechanically sound so I bought it anyway because it was at the right price.

If you do want to buy it make a silly offer and see how the dealer reacts. This time of year they may just be desparate to move it.

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My bike dealer holds all the service history (Kawasaki) electronically.

I always forget my service book and they sort it out next time I go in.

They include even tyre replacements on their records.

If a bike dealer can do that then provided the car is main dealer serviced, I;m sure they can do the same.

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Service History will not show up any current problems, only what has been done in the past. Best advice is to get an independant check (by the AA for example) before you purchase - Clear it with the dealer and ask them to cover the survey cost in a reduction of the sale price. Also insist on an UNCONDITIONAL 6 month warranty on parts and labour (excluding 'fair wear & tear'). If the dealer is sure the car is OK, they will have no problem covering it for 6 months.

Good luck.


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