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do you think it can be done ?


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a mate of my dads has a frame and subframe for a vfr nc30 has a v5 and a haynes manual

do you think if i looked over the net you could build a complete bike up from scratch ? if so how hard would it be ?

have some car building experiance well changed a few head gaskets cam belts and other bit but never done anything on a bike but

have allways wanted to give it a go


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Don't see why not mate. Best bet is buy a complete bike, more bits the better. All depends on finances, knowledge and ingenuity. Surf the Forums and buy at the right price? Should make a good build thread. :D :D :D

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cheers for the replys

chris currently well next week starting a few lessons again to get my first big bike :D

well money is not so much of an issue as i intend to do it over a few months/year so will but bits as and when i need them.

just wondered if it would be possible to build a hole bike from scratch with bits from the net and local breakers.

my dads mate said he would help me if i do get stuck and also said i could have the frame etc.

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My personal thoughts are:

1) I wouldn't bother unless you are building something totally custom ... IMHO, I don't understand people who reconstruct a stock bike from parts ... why not just buy the whole thing? (unless it's very very rare).

2) I wouldn't trust myself to build a whole bike! One little thing goes wrong in one very important bit because you haven't got it quite right ... and they're scraping you off the road ...

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Most certainly dude.

Keep looking for a complete donor bike, they always come up. Apart from the Haynes manual, use on line parts diagrams from places such as cmsnl, they give all the diagrams you need. I have noticed that some of the Haynes manuals are not complete.......some items are not in mine, and specs not given........so beware. When doing a compete build such as you are, consider your options. You could make the bike unique, (custom), different front end, engine, rear end, etc. and would cost you no more to do. Go to the link on my sig, and all the help you may need if doing, is there. One off building....yaheee!

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I did this once, not quite a frame only job but bought a running wreck NC30 with no plastics, lights, etc.

It did have an engine but you can get these from all over the internet. You should be able to get all the bits from ebay or from breakers as they are quite a popular bike and have been around for some time.

I bought the bike for £500, did it up, halfords paint job and sold it for £1700.


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