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New Marushin helmet adaptation

Guest JLL39

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I bought a Marushin Ikusa 999

I tried it in the shop and it felt OK, perfect fitting except a little pressure in the forehead but nothing dramatical, so I bought it as I really like the design, I found it in an online outlet three times cheaper than in the shop and, specially because how light it is.

The thing is, the first time I tried it on a got a bit headache after half an hour and my forehead marked in red, so I decided to sell it in the second hand market.

But now I've been reading that if I wear it for longer it may adapt to the shape of my head and end up without feeling pressure anymore.

What do you think? I know the cushion can soften and adapt, but in there is almost no cushion in the forehead, just the hard foam and I doubt it will get adapted as it's designed to be deformed only in case of impact isn't it?

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