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What a nightmare


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I think I'm going to give up looking for a new car for a while.

I spent 4 weeks ringing up about cars in our price range and out of the 12 cars I have considered 10 are missing their service history or missing a service and the other two were sold.

one garage even told me a 57 plate car with 16,000 miles was being removed from sale as was not safe to drive :shock:

I'm amazed how many 3 year old low milage cars are missing their service history, I have even called dealers with the vehicles details and they are not showing on their system. I guess some people are just cutting back and not having their cars serviced.

I'm going to have to save up a bit more I think and go to a dealer.

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I went into a local Renault Main dealer and had a look at a New Grand Scenic. Its had nothing but really good reviews, good specs and good value for money 7 seats etc, offered me a fair PX value for my car...

So i'm thinking this is going well, now I wanted the 1.4 Tce Turbo Petrol 130bhp Dynamic, he said he could get me the exact model with 10 plate with 7500miles on the clock etc etc...

However he did not have one in to test drive so i would have to buy it first with out even seeing it or test driving it, he could not even get one in from Renault UK for me to try.

I mean what the hell???? do people really buy cars with out a test drive first? am I being totally unreasonable? bearing in mind I'm spending £12000 :shock:

So I called one of these car supermarkets, who had one in, explaind the deal Renault had offered me. Now they wanted to take £500 over the phone to hold the car for me :shock: then they offered me £1000 less PX on my old car for exately the same price car and spec??? I even told them what I had been offered by Renault and the deal...???? They have called me twice and offered me an extrs £100 on the PX value LOL are they mad???

one car supermarket told me thay sell 300 units a week.... UNITS????? WTF??? I said, cars mate, cars, units are sold by shares traders or MFI, you sell cars.

You know its a shit load easier to but a bike

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