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Theory done.. Mod 1 Booked!! Brickin' It!!!! :|

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theory is all done, passed yesterday but with me being impaitence i booked the earliest mod 1 which is next week!! and i havent done any practice!! ive watch a million videos but really need to get out! :shock:

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ill be out soon! this weather dont help plus ive got to get my 4th new l plate for the rear cause it keeps snapping off lol :P

soo on mod 1 is it like a cbt where there is 2 other and an instructor or is it just yourself and the instructor?

and the same for mod 2 really?? (not booked that yet even though you can book at same time as i dont feel too confident about mod 1 lol)

thanks :)

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I don't know about the mod1 or 2 I did my test before they came out!

Is there no way you can get some lessons in b4hand as they go through everything with you which would put your mind at rest.

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It's just you in a big cage full of cones, 2 speed traps and a person with a clip board.

If you have no idea it might be worth getting a bit of training with a school so you know what's expected. There's a bit more to it than the videos on you tube would suggest...

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havent really go time to go to a school before mod 1 so ill just see how that goes and if i do fail at least its only £15 ive lost but before i do mod 2 ill defiantly do something as its £75

im doing it on my bike so im familer with it and ive been riding on a 125 for about 9 months soo i 'should' be ok... fingers crossed!!

thanks for the help! :cheers:

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Hey - congratulations .... The module 1 is very very easy.... so don't let your nerves get the better of you!

Here's some tips:

- Don't feel 2 confident

- Watch the video's on youtube - they helped me pass!

- Remember all your Observations !!!

- Listen to every word he/she says

- Remember to treat the car park like a public road


Good luck Bud :-) :)

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