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Kettenmax - Fantastic, but....


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I finally got round to cleaning my chain, is was looking a bit worse for wear. As I don't ride everyday it looked like is was getting rusty.

After reading a few guides on here, I went and bought the Kettenmax Premium kit - put it all together (easier than putting up my tent) and five minutes later - shiny new chain. Wow!

Had to let it dry before lubing up, so I went to take the kit off and *&^^%&^%^ it! I broke the little y-adapter you get. Was not happy, big clumsy oaf.

Anyway, it didn't effect getting the chain nicey lubed, and all with out any mess on the floor (nice collection bag).

So all in all - a fantastic bit of kit, I would highly recommend it. But anyone know where I can get a spare connector without going to "Kettenmax dot de"? The spares on their site, come to 1 Euro for 4 connectors - postage 15 Euro :shock:

Did I mention I had a shiny chain? :D

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