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The Bike Experience Charity

Guest Talan

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I am writing to inform you of a brand new charity that aims to help motorcyclists that have been paralysed, or lost lower limbs, to get back on a bike.

The Bike Experience Charity has been set up by Talan Skeels-Piggins, a paraplegic T4/5 complete, who has been riding motorbikes around the UK race tracks for the past two years.

Together with the instructors at Castle Combe circuit, a progressive, step by step schedule has been created which allows the rider to enjoy the freedom and pleasure of a solo motorcycle. The Bike Experience shows how you can ride and how to adapt a bike so that the individual can move on and enjoy riding at any of the UK’s tracks. We do not advise any rider to go back out on the road, due to the difficulties of bike-stabilisers and other road users.

The Bike Experience has a number of sponsors and supporters, growing day by day, so the potential rider does not have to pay anything. Keeping the costs to an absolute minimum is another of the key objectives for the Bike Experience, as Talan is aware that it is only a small percentage that get financial compensation for their injuries.

If anyone has any spare kit laying around, we would be able to put it to good use, as there will be all sorts of shapes and sizes coming. If you have any kit please pm me and I will pass on address. You can see more info about the charity and about disabled motorcycling at the following link:


Many thanks for your time and for helping us to spread the word. Should you wish to come to one of the Bike Experience days to see for yourself, please contact us.

Our first event is on 20th April, when Scott Hillier, an ex-motorcross racer paralysed during mx training, comes as the inaugural rider.


The Bike Experience Charity

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Nice work!!! :D

Don't have any gear right now, but I may in a couple of months.

Is it just leathers your after with it being race track?


Doesn't need to be leathers, but any biking clothing with protection. The bikes are not going to be blasting around, as there is an entire section dedicated to slow speed training. We are going to end up with various shapes and sizes attending, so it will all help.

Many thanks.


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