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All sparkly, ready for the better weather!

Guest Ruthie

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Had to tackle the 'dirty' bike this afternoon.

Had last years MAJOR road kill, also a winter of daddy dearest cutting tiles in the garage. :roll:


So set to her this afternoon with the pressure washer (at a major distance), wash and wax, chamos thingy and lube!

She's almost ready to go now, will re-lube everything when I'm ready to go, which will hopefully be VERY Soon!

Crappy pics but you get the idea!

Only thing i'm not sure about, when i turned her on to check the mileage the bottom of the display said CHECK! Check WA??? Nothing in the manual! :shock: Haven't a clue! :?: any ideas! :idea:





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It had a lot of sheets on it, but it doesn't matter now as it will be coming over to me as soon as I've got the gear. Will just be put to bed at mum and dads.

Hmmm good point could be, it is 'overdue' a service by 1000miles, but it's never came up before.

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It's looking good Ruthie! :D I have to hose mine down after most rides, even in summer - as our lanes always have some farming sh*t on them! :roll:

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How long has the bike been stood and do you have it hooked up to an optimiser?

If the fuel has been in less than 6 month it'll be absolutely fine, I'd not used one of my bikes for nearly 18 months and it still started and ran with the fuel in that was left in the tank, but if you do start it, let it run till it's up to normal operating temperature so all the condensation in the engine evaporates :)

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Hope you are gonna ride now that it's clean. I'm sick of people on other Forums saying ," I'm not coming out , it might rain and get my bike dirty". :evil: :evil: :evil: Hope you're gonna give it a good check over before you ride it, especially the brake pistons??? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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Hodge since october. i'll give it a go next weekend, see what happens.

Collier good point, just cleaned it so could have knocked it off!!! i'll check that!

MW, I don't ride in rain but not coz it will get my bike dirty, but because i don't like riding in the rain, mainly coz I;m scared of it being slippy and I don't really have any waterproof winter riding gear, but I can assure you that is something Dan is planning to change so don't worry! ;)

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