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WANTED: Career advise - Becoming a car mechanic


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I want to persue a career as a car mechanic but I am not sure what I can actually do to get the ball rolling.

I am 21 years old and independent (in other words I have bills and expenses to pay, no family support etc... anymore).

I work just over 30 hours a week in two night shifts (every thursday and friday night).

This leaves me with the weekend + monday - wednesday free. Right now I am looking for some kind of day time part time work for the weekdays but if possible i would rather be using this time to move towards my goal of training as a mechanic.

College doesnt seem to be an option as all the courses are full time and usually require a thursday or a friday class when i will be working. I have seen some home study courses but I assume they are a waste of time, even if they are not a waste, they are very very expensive.

Does anyone have any advise for me?

What would you do in my position?

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At 21 it's gonna be tough unless you know someone in the trade to let you help them out etc. Most garages aren't interested in apprentices after 18, I had that problem and I spent 2 years at college (16-18) doing mechanics but failed to get a placement so took a different career. Tbh I'm glad, I still do it as a hobby and to earn extra cash and save money but don't think I'd wanna be a grease monkey full time any more

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Yeah i know its going to be tough :(

I just want to learn a trade and ive always been interested in all things mechanical. I spent my mid teenage years working at a ATV garage. (Which has since closed)

The only other trades i am interested in is maybe something in the building trade, plumbing, electrics, gas, plastering. But i would prefer to work with cars.

Right now i work in security which is a total dead end, it cant progress any more than where i am now. So i really need to start developing some kind of career in other areas or i am going to end up stuck in this dead end for the next 20 years.

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Do you know your way round a car well then? Driving old nails is a good way to learn how to fix them. Doesn't hurt to have a healthy tool kit, a Haynes manual and some spare time here & there to get hands on experience and take it from there. Oh and a f**king big hammer.

I'd think you'd probably find it easier to get into plumbing/electrician as a trade-which is my next calling if I don't see this new job thru :D

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