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Anyone got any advice on lights??

We have Suzuki SV650 - headlights just went off last night, mainbeam don't work, but pass button puts the mainbeam on.

We have checked the fuses and they're fine. Any other simple thing we could be overlooking???

Ta! :D

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Apart from the obvious new bulb ( perhaps the filament has burned through ) I'm stuck too.

But if lecky's getting in and out there's gotta be something wrong with only part of it.

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I had a similar problem with my gixer, and it was a loose connection, so my advice would be:

1. Spray the light switches with wd40 or gt85.

2. Have a good look around all the loom connections, and give them a wiggle to see if the light comes on when you wiggle it, that how I ended up finding mine!

Good luck.

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had same probon CBR too

as akey said... wiggle wires... one of mine had burn out inside the cable and there was a duff connection.. found out which wire it was then replaces.. worked perfic after....

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as others have said check connections wobble wires

also have a look for wires that could have worn through by rubbing on the frame or something

i had one like that and water was getting in and corroded the wire the lights worked fine on low beam but put it on high beam and all lights went out :?

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Use a continuity tester to check all the wires have "continuity" would be the first thing to spring to mind ...

Check all the connections .....

If they are all okay, could be a duff switch...


Haynes manual might give you some pointers too ...

I'm not sure if you need to - I was a sparkie, NOT a auto-elec Sparkie, but

I would probably disconnect the battery while you're rummaging around - not so much because you'll get zapped - but to stop you accidentally shorting anything out while you're poking around ... - that is, for instance if you've got chance to try a continuity tester on it....

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Unscrew the two screws holding the swich onto the bars, hold in left hand and spray the inside of the swich with WD40, give all the butons a press (sevral times) then cleen any crap out and see if that dose any good. 8)

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