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FZ1 abs


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Year- 07

price - £6000

mileage - 3700

full mot and recently serviced


full exhaust and 2 brothers racing can

radiator gaurd

high screen

rear sets

full lower fairings

stomp grip on tank

crash bobbins

Added rear lugage rack and top box.

I always wanted one of these but could not afford when they were new so when the blade finally had to go it was an easy choice what to swap it for and I am not dissapointed 95% of the blades strrengths and non of its weaknesses!

The bike is all day comfy even without its predecessors one peace seat, the tank is alittle smaller at 17 litres but will easily do 150+miles between fillups unless on the isle of man :)

The brakes are more than adequate till you hit silly speeds but it may just need a pad cahnge, the abs works really well and has come on a few times when needed and isnt intrusive!

The gearbox is a little clunky but once again this could be down to the rear sets putting the push rod to the box at a different angle but its fine when on the move.

Now the engine, what cani say its a peach it will pull from nothing can be short shifted and kept below 7k for most normal riding conditions, 6k is 90 in top and it pulls so well you believe you have another gear, however hold a gear to the redline and it is blisteringly quick without you realising there is no step in power its just so linear.

For the first time I have a bike that i have no idea what i would replace it with it is truely a great all rounder would I have another yep in a heart beat, if sportsbike make you ache you couldnt do much better than one of these as a replacement!



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I had a 2007 FZ1n. Brilliant bike, loved it.

Well, didn't love it enough, actually. I had it 5 years and put less than 8,000 miles on it and knowing how much money it was losing sitting-doing-nothing, I reluctantly sold it last year though I see yours is in the 3k range!

Brilliant bike.

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Looks like matey has bar risers on his, the pic above. Maybe you need something a little more upright.

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