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over heating bike, or broken temperature gauge

Guest tezz233

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I have a kawasaki gpz 600r (an 87 model), all of a sudden the temperature gauge has been climbing incredably quickly, exspecially as im slowing down or stoping.

At first i thought that my bike was over heating and i was gettin quite worried, even to the extent that i was riding it as fast as i could to decrease the temperature. Even thought that mayb my radiator had packed in.

But then i noticed that the rising temperature seems to be directly linked to the accelorator. So when i got home, and was still parked (at which point the needle on the temp gauge was well in the red) i reved the bike and with every rev the temp apparntly decreased.

Is this a faulty gauge or is my bike actually over heating, wots the best way to test if it is the gauge?

hopeing for help, and thanks for reading


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checked my radiator this morning, and it was almost empty, managed to get 2 litres of water on there, so maybe ive got a leak or have just neglected it for a while, but it appears to have fixed the problem. I did think about checking it last nite but cudnt as the engine was to hot. but thanx for all the help :lol:

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