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Duchinni D909 - Bluetooth Lid

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Just bought a new lid after bashing mine a bit when i slid my bike down the road ... anyhoo ..

Its a Duchini D909 with built in Bluetooth + flip down Sun shade


Dont spose anyone has had one ?

I'll post back with how i find it once it arrives.

P.S. its got a 4 star sharp rating :cheers:

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I've got a couple, the bluetooth is great upto about 40mph. From 40-50mph its difficult to understand what the other person is saying and after 50mph forget it.

The sun visor was not very good on mine and it wasn't long before the lever snapped, so i drilled a small hole in it, looped a tie rap round and now I use that to pull the sun visor down, and just push the visor back up with my finger when not needed. The lever on my wives is still ok.

The first one I got I had to send back because the bluetooth wasn't working, but the replacement has been fine. After 18months the inbuilt batteries are only lasting approximately 2-3hours on a full charge, but new they did about 8-12hours.

Comfort wise, they are not the best I've owned.

Despite what I've said above, overall I rate them as not a bad helmet. They are at the cheaper end of the market so you can't expect wonders but they definately beat any system that uses wires.

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