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Which leather jacket?

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I'd go with the Arlen Ness. More of a premium brand (not that i'm normally a brand snob, I wear Targa leathers 8-) ) but they are reduced from £300, if they could sell at that price they must be pretty decent.. It looks nicer too imo


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i prefer the look of the razor,

they both are very similar, ,

0.1 mil of protection difference,

personally i use leathers of 3 mm minimum,

with protek at joints and back

that must cost you a fair bit?

Aye, especially because most leathers are in the region of 1.2 to 1.4mm...

Typo? :lol:

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I have a textile RST jacket thing. Mine completely fell apart on me :S. the waterproof lining peeled in the pockets, the stitches came away too.

They replaced it for me at the shop and i've had this one around a month now and it seems good. might have had a poor one at first, maybe lots of people had tried it on in the shop? cos' the replacement was direct from the factory

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