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Kawasaki Z1000 strip down

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Decided i,m keeping the Z for another year ,so going to be taken most of the parts off and cleaning them up and changing a few parts too


front wheel taken off ,mud guard and front calipers.


front whell polished up and new tyre fitted :D


front wheel back in and fork legs cleaned

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picking my cans up over the weekend

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i used some real fine wire wool and some WD40 to clean them up ,then polished them with autosol .The down pipes was not to bad mainly the bottom bit which is under the belly pan

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Had some spare time today so thought i would take the rear wheel out and do some more cleaning ,got the spindle half way out and it got stuck so realy could have done with a metal rod to tap it out and not a old big flat ended screw driver as it ended up going between the hub and spindle :x


heres the hub which is held in by 2 wheel bearings had too cut the spindle and screw driver to get the wheel out.



you can now see its mis shaped

I ve managed to get a rear spindle from a bike breaker .but had to get the hub from main dealer,

Worst bit about it is my m8 had a metal rod but i could,nt be arsed to pop for it ,thought my way was quicker,but it was 'nt

Anyway heres the swinging arm cleaned up ,ive just painted the inside of it........





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Epic post. More pics!

heres some more m8 :lol: new brake lines ,fittings and pads........


just drained the old brake fluid ,removed old lines and removed calipers.








New pads fitted and all back together...




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Looks like your good at cleaning, You can do mine if you want! It hasn't been washed since about sept/oct and ridden through wet roads/muddy roads :)

Looking good!

I will leave that to you m8 ,even the wife's impressed ,she asked if I could clean the cooker like that,she got the same answer as you....lmao

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picked new hub sleave up this morning so managed to get the rear wheel cleaned up and back in the bike.... :D




ive put new bearings in to just to be on the safe side.


spocket and wheel cleaned.


and wheel back in at last


Now i can move bike about ive just put calipers back on and the new lines too ,thats it for today to bloody cold out there ,going to get some fluid later and pick exhausts up.



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Looking good mate

Have you been taking tips off me? It's usually me that strips a bike for fun :lol:

Although I have a little project going at the min will be sticking a post up about it when I get the bits :-)

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Yes Stu i just thought i would give it a good going over seen as i,m keeping it for atleast another year :) saying that ive never gone this far before ,but after doing the fzr up i kind of like tinkering now ,whats your bike your doing up.......

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