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Touring jacket

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Going touring on the continent this summer and want a textile jacket that's reasonably waterproof and has good ventilation - I'm hoping for some warm days :D I know I can spend x hundreds of pounds but I'm looking for something that does the job at less money. Any recommndations?

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Hi, i`ve just bought a RST Paragon Jacket, think its a 3/4 length cost £180

looks like it cost a lot more, plenty of pockets, vents & extras on it, well worth a look.

i got mine from "Bikegear" in Ashton, they`ve got a few outlets, not sure where though.

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Check out any secondhand Goretex stuff on eBay or whatever.....some secondhand gear is a real bargain. Got a couple of Belstaff jackets for winter riding recently for around £30 each....one is slightly worn but still good....and the other looks brand new..... 8-)

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Well I researched the RST jacket and found a few people had waterproofing issues so I decided to go for the Heine Gerick Valley TRG one. I got the £175 deal which was an excellent saving on the rrp of £250. Ordered Friday morning and arrived this am (Monday) - great service considering it was ordered by a local shop from a warehouse in England and delivered free to my home address in Northern Ireland. It looks well made and has all the features I wanted plus it's a good fit.

Here's hoping it lives up to its billing :wink:

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so I decided to go for the Heine Gerick Valley TRG one.

Good choice. I put HG light years ahead of RST personally. My RST gloves' stitching didn't even last a season! I've punished my HG synth jacket, trousers and gloves they're still imaculate (if grubby).

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