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What goes around comes around ...


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http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2012 ... knighthood

About bloody time too.

Fred Goodwin was one of the c**ts who left the British public to foot the bill for his greed while he walked away with a six figure golden handshake. And my remembering of the news reports of the time was that his attitude seemed very flippant and defiant; almost amused he was by the outrage against him. I do remember that someone egged his house and smashed the windows though. Good on 'em!

Arrogant toss-pot cut down to size I hope.

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I think its impressive that these sort of people get huge bonuses for doing not a great fat lot.

If they are deemed to have been useless at their job and are asked to leave they are given a severance payout.

Paid way to much for doing nothing and when they are sacked they are then given a golden handshake.

no matter which way you say it it still makes no sense.

If a normal employee conducted himselfherself in the same manner they would be sacked with no golden handshake.

Why do the rules change for those at the top. "I'm crap at my job, which is basically me doing naff all, but if you want to fire me you will have to give me a big payout"..

Way too much money is paid to these idots for what they actually do. Why is this country in such dire financial problems??? its because of the do nothing leeches at the top of most companies taking money they don't deserve..

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Taking a knighthood away ? Worthless gongs anyway.

I am sure he isn't losing much sleep over it, and that his accumulated wealth means more to him than anything else.


This is true in the long run, but I hope the public humiliation hits home ... there again, he seems the type who believes everyone else in the world is beneath him. Especially the hard-working people who trusted him with their pension plans and the like ...

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