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shineray 125cc

Guest albert2012

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my son bought a shineray 125 from a dealer in somerset eighteen months ago ,please dont anyone make the same mistake ,because it was delivered in a crate to our address it apparently meant it had no warranty I might not be the brightest of people but I would not have let my son part with £1,000 with no guarantee covering what he bought.Within 3 weeks the electric start stopped working as a 'good will gesture' he was sent a new one .the bike has been a complete disappointment and pain in the arse as for after sales service, that does not exist with this company, more of a "what do you expect me to do" attitude .now the latest problem is the engine mount at the front has sheared ,he uses the to go to and fro to work approx 6 mile round trip daily along normal roads I have been involved with bikes for years and have never had problems. he has had constant trouble with the electrics and the engine. this bike was defiantly not worth the money, or the time and effort we have wasted constantly having to repair it. this bike is not fit for purpose and therefore is not safe for riding.

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Welcome to the forum..... 8-)

Maybe pop along to the Newbies section to introduce yourself.... 8-)

Unfortunately this seems to be a common problem with some of these Chinese bikes. Mostly when somof the younger riders are on here asking what to buy the general consensus amongst the forum is buy an older Jap bike....as it's more likely to be reliable/repairable and often get the money back on them when trading up.

Shame really that some younger riders may get put off motorcycling by the horrors of owning one of these machines.... :roll:

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we did try to advise him, but on the other hand he liked the look of it and thinking as it was new it would be reliable, its completely put him off owning a motorbike now and he cant wait to get his car when he can afford it, quite worrying that the bikes such poor quility that parts brake as he is riding along the road

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