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Darn Mrs Nogin!


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Got a "notice of intended prosecution" NIP through the post she has been setting off speed cameras!

35 in a 30 so it will be the speeding seminar for her. And as much as I love her she needs a wake up call!!!

Hmmmmm perhaps this is a good time to tell i want a new bike! Lol

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Bunch of flowers and tell her its ok, anyone can get caught, you were just unlucky.

Summers coming, bikes will be out and you will be one speeding ticket in credit. So Mrs Noggin won't have a leg to stand on if you get one on the bike.

use it to your advantage :wink:

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Mr Noggin you are not alone i wish my Mr would be caught and cautioned he says that the FZ600 has trouble at 30 so instead does stupid speed i tried to keep up but i cant go over 60 mph and i know he was doing over 80 i have a friend with a pan euro clock him, he won't be getting flowers or chockies.

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God damn it!

She has just backed the friggin car into a friends car!

Well if its an insurance claim my sodding excess is £250!

I'm hoping we can do it with out the need to go through the insurance company.

My damage is a scrape on the bumper and a smashed rear light, they have a dent in the door and slight scrape!

Sodding hell i'm pissed off!

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And to just round things up nicely we have the the letter from the police it £85 for the speeding seminar, and looking at the damage on the neighbours car it's going to need a new door skin, trim, and handle and blowing in on the other door! Plus mine needs respray rear bumper and new light cluster!

Great! That that's my savings screwed, 4 steps back from getting a new bike!

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Yeah, kind of accepted my lot now...

Cheered my self up with a good blast out on the bike, popped into the Local Triumph dealer and had a great chin wag with the sales man there, really nice bloke cheered me up no end! LOL

Oh well waiting for the neighbours to call with the damage! :(

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