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has anyone tried these?bike gloves.

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Good morning guys and girls i am riding in quiet cold weather at the moment have currenty got 2 pairs of

gloves and after 25/30 mins my hands are freezing would these gloves help or is the only option

heated gloves,grips

cheers in advance scott

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tuzo-TZG19-To ... 982wt_1185

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If you don't have heated grips my advice is wear a thin cotton glove and then a winter glove over it. Leave enough room so you can move your fingers about. These sort of gloves are just the job. If your glove is too small you'll find your fingers freeze quickly.

A friend of mine uses a muff. Not the nest looking thing but it keeps him warm.

Plus he says no better way to start the day by sticking your hand in a warm muff!

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Heated grips and decent gloves will only keep your hands warm for so long in this weather.

I wear Halvarssons Gloves with heated grips, but fingers still get chilly at the ends after about an hour.

Those gloves look ok, you could also try wind deflecters which fit on your handlebars or handlebar muffs which your hands fit inside.

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Yeah....most dispatch riders I see have bar muffs.....so that may be your best option. I have some Spada Enforcer gloves...which do a pretty good job of keeping my hands warm for a while....although there are some doubts about just how waterproof they actually are. I've never ridden in the wet with them yet....but others have and say they leak after a short while.....so we'll see.

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Knox cold killers help, but even with silk gloves, the cold killers and then goretex gloves with handguards the tips of my fingers would still get cold. The difference was how quickly they warmed up again and with teh above the answer was very quickly, even slowing down helped.

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i just bought the oxford bone dry 2 fingered gloves a few weeks ago as although i have heated grips, my fingertips are getting bloody cold. since i got them, i've not needed my heated grips on, my fingers (and hands) stay toasty warm.

have a look at these from ghost bikes.

http://www.ghostbikes.com/products/3917 ... loves.html

also on ebay

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OXFORD-TRI-DI ... 805wt_1023

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i'm another one who likes the vulcan style gloves!

i've got some by hein gericke, wish i'd got a pair sooner. They give you that extra bit of time before you hands start to go numb, and as my commute is only 30 minutes, they work great for me.

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