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My Fuel Tank Saga....


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In the process of carrying out a routine service on my bike recently I managed to shear one of the studs that hold the fuel pump plate assy to the tank..... :roll:

Options were....New Tank.....but orange is not a common colour for Speed 4's .....so buying a tank and getting it resprayed would probably cost a fortune...... :shock:

Drill out the stud and then feed a bolt through from inside the tank and somehow fix and seal it in place without risking having fuel leaking out......not an option that I found very tempting.... :wink:

3rd option was to see if there was anyone in the locality that had a Stud Welder and would be willing to do this......so Googled it and found a few places that had the right equipment. So I emailed a few on the Saturday.....I got an email back from Jon at M&J Engineering in Soham, Cambs who said he'd do it for me....but only after I'd emptied and flushed the tank as he didn't fancy taking welding equipment to a tank with petrol or petrol fumes in it.

So once that was done I ground the old sheared stud off and Dremeled the recess where the old stud had sat. I took the tank over to Jon this evening and he put a new stud onto the tank....for the price of a drink.....what a top bloke.... 8-)

I've still got to touch-up the paint around it....but I'm dead pleased with it so far..... :D

But I'll be a bit more careful tightening those next time...... :roll:



My Handy work with the angle grinder and Dremel


New stud welded on.....just paint to make good now...

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