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Bike goes faster when clutch pulled!?


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Just a little something i noticed on my CBR lately...

Was riding when i pulled the clutch by about 1cm or so and it felt suddenly a bit smoother and the bike increased speed by about 1mph.

If i pull further it obviously revs more without going any faster however i am bemused by this. I pull it in ever so slightly and it goes faster!? :| :|

What would cause that to happen?

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Going downhill? :mrgreen:

Sorry, sorry.

Erm, try googling worn pressure plate / throwout bearing? How does it sound when it's engaged?


Sounds fine when engaged, after 12,000 miles and only owned by me and another old bloke I doubt the pressure plates are worn.

When i pull it in just a little with some throttle holding 30mph for example, it will suddenly get a little lift in power and speed up. What Stu said sounds about right, im still fairly new to injection bikes :lol:

Will check it out later, I have new aftermarket levers on there but with the old ones it did the same thing and its literally within 1cm of movement so im hoping its nothing too nasty.

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Does sound to me like a dodgy clutch switch

On my bike if you bypass the switch it can cause the bike to run a neutral map in certain gears and feels a lot less powerful

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Ahh ok, will try to fix and see what happens from it then :)

It only gains 1mph or so at the same throttle just when you pull the clutch you expect the bike to slow so when i felt it actually speed up even though just 1mph it was very unexpected. Good to know it isnt my clutch that is fried as ive about had it with this bike... Just keeps on going but has all sorts of bits breaking on it

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