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MT Helmets

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I bought an MT Raptor helmet from a shop a few weeks ago. Did all the checks to make sure it was safe. Really comfortable. I should have done some research before hand because I've searched for MT helmets on the internet and can't find reviews and only a few Ebay stores sell them.

I've lost confidence with it, it's a flip-up style and one side is making a rattling noise and feels pretty loose.

Are flip-up helmets generally prone to going wrong? Should I go for a standard full face?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Only been riding a month!


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My highly rated Caberg Konda flip front came apart in my hands as the screw hinge had slowly unwound under the visor. It just needed a screwdriver to tighten it back up, but I lost confidence and went out and bought a full face one. I still use the Konda, but only for touring.

Check the hinge to see if is coming undone (if you can get to it that is).

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Yeah....flip front lids have a habit of the mechanism coming loose.

Personally I will only look at a lid if it has a 4 or 5 star Sharp rating....but that's just me..... :wink:

Any doubts mate and I'd bin it and have a look for something else. And reference the above Sharp site....not all lids in the 4 & 5 star categories are silly expensive.....but you only get one head...... :lol:

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Thanks for the replys.

As I said it's only a few weeks old, So I think I'll take it back for a different helmet.

The side that rattles you can nearly pull away with your hand, but the other side is still rigid and sturdy.

I may put some more money towards getting a higher rated one.

Thanks again.

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