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bought my first wr250f went out on it for ten minutes then heard a rattle and when i stopped the exhaust was glowing red. i switched off and it let out a little back fire.

is this a big problem or am i panicking a bit too much? :shock:

many thanks

sorry just realised should off put this in pitstop

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I don't know this bike....but generally this could be a couple of things:

Ignition timing.....if the timing is out you could be running a bit hot or igniting fuel in the exhaust. Or:

Fuel/Air mixture......if this is not correct you could be putting unburnt fuel into the exhaust where it is igniting.....or pre-ignition (or pinking) which can also make the engine run hot.

Valve timing or valve gaps could also cause problems if incorrect. If your exhaust valve(s) are not closing fully you could be getting ignition in the exhaust as well as in the combustion chamber.

Just a few thoughts.

I'm sure others will add to this too..... 8-)

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Tango has covered every angle - it's definitely one of those! Going by what you said sounds like it could be over-advanced ignition and you did the right thing to stop it as soon as you heard something unusual, if only as a precaution. If you remove the spark plug and study it, it could give you some clues as to what was happening although ten minutes might not have been enough to leave any tell-tale signs.

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