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Samsung Galaxy


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Anyone know how to move Music files?

We have put some music on it and its put them in a sub folder. Tried pressing it and moving it... say Move folder but won't let me move it to Music?

Agghhh bloody thing!

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tried that... still cannot move the music to music files... :evil:

Half the problem is I have plugged it into the computer and it askes for drivers... ok I didn't get a disc for it, also tried to download off the net no luck.

Sodding thing!!!

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so you cant get it to go on the phone? its not that its on the phone and wont see it?

if you cant get it to go on the phone connect the phone to the pc with the cable and connect it as a mass storage device the pc will just see it as a external drive then

open my computer and open the new mass storage drive usually the last letter E or F etc

then open a new window and find the file you want right click copy then paste it in to the file on the mass storage drive (phone) and thats it :?

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Yep thats what I thought Stu...

But what happens is if you just move the music on to the phone is stores it as a file and I cannot use it as music.

So I have downloaded all the Samsung Kies for the phone, that does all the updateds, music etc.

It sees my phone, connects to my phone, loads up the music and the button that says "Transfer to device" is not working.???????????????????????????????????????????????????

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Has that phone got a MicroSD card as memory? I take mine out of the phone and put it into a card reader and load the files to it directly. Just shows up on explorer as another drive. Copy and Paste my music into it....then put it back in the phone and fire it back up.......Robert's your father's brother.... :wink:

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Tango that would be exactly the same as using a cable and choosing mass storage device!

It don't seem to always work that way Stu. I've not hooked my HTC up to my laptop, but my old Nokia always insisted that I use the Nokia software to transfer files to it....which was a real pain. But removing the SD card and putting it into a card reader worked just fine with Explorer and copy & pasting files into it.

Anyhoo....that works for me and saves loading a host of other stuff onto my already creaky laptop.... :wink:

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you dont need no software i have the HTC desire HD and when you plug it in it will ask what you want to do

HTC sync

charge only

mass storage

and i think there is another one i forget :lol:

for mass storage you dont need and software and it will just act like the card reader you only need the software for HTC sync but its crap i use a different one for that

give it a try it might save ya a few seconds of your life :lol:

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