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Honda Rebel 125


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What model was it? 1996 Honda CA125 or more commonly known as the honda rebel.

When did you buy it and how much did it cost? 2006 for £800

Good points?

1. Extremely reliable

2. I loved it's looks. Chrome and black, really nice scheme. Got some comments too when out and about

3. Nippy through towns.

4. Insanely good handling for a cruiser. Was really light and nimble around bends, could corner faster than pretty much any car I've met on the twisty A roads of Scotland.

5. Cheap to run... im tempted to go back to a 125 just because of how cheap they are for commutes.

6. So easy to repair, the engine is so openly accessible

7. Parts are so easy to obtain, the 250 version is very popular in the USA, most parts fit the 125 as it's a 250 frame.

8. Great learner bike for anybody considering a cruiser for a cheap price.

Bad points?

1. Although this is also a good point... Chrome. It has a habit of rusting over and going nasty. Needs lots of TLC.

2. Not the best position for the taller person. I found I got back ache after long journeys, constantly slightly kinked back, Im 6ft.

3. it's mpg is ok... But it's not as good as some 125's.

4. It's not as fast as some other 125's. Might of just been mine though, maybe low compression due to it's millage etc.

Would you get another?

I personally wouldn't, not due to the bike. It's a great ride. Definitely a perfect bike for a cruiser enthusiast. But I'm more into sports bikes.

Any other comments?

To sum it up, if you're into cruiser bikes, you don't mind a bit of polishing on lazy Sundays and you want a shiny cruiser then you can't go far wrong. I think the honda shadow 125 is nicer, but this bike is cheaper and certainly adequate for any learner motorcyclist.


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Hi I'm New to this site and don't know how this all works so please forgive me if I have posted this in the wrong place I just brought My first bike and want to turn her into a 125 untill I pass my bike test I get very little to spend on her I am in need of a 125 top end or engine if anyone can help I suffer from agriphobia and she is going to help me get better thanks so much

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