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rubber dub dub dilemma (tyre question)


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I have a zx6r and need some new tyres. I have only ever ridden on Michelin road pilot 2s that Seemed ok but did not seem to me to have a lot of feel and Pirelli super corsa pros that were really good in the dry but make my bum twitch like a rabbits nose in the wet. I have never done a track day before but would like to do one this year. I think I am going to try some Dunlop sportsmart. Does anyone else have any suggestions for alternatives or views on the Dunlops?

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Dunplops/dunflops whatever you want to call them I will not touch

My part experience has been they take a lot longer to warm up have far less grip and feel wooden!

Forget the super corsa pro's they won't warm up enough on the road

Try the Michelin pilot powers 2ct just about right on the road warm up fast good for track also play with tyre pressures too

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