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Honda Cg125 Crash Restoration!

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Well, as you may have read from my Newbies post, I have recently just brought a Cg125 for 275 pounds! We viewed the bike and BAS it. Got it today and inspected the damage to discover is had been in a minor fall or something and the previous owner had not claimed so he just sold it to his uncle who sold it to us.

The engine itself is all fine, all the gears are working and the tic over was a bit shabby and it kept cutting off, just tightened the wire for that one.All the electrical parts need replacing, but the wires are all there for them, so that's good, also all the lights and brakes work, but i'm not keeping those huge Honda ones, i will get some smaller lightweight rubber ones for them. And someone tried to get into the fuel tank(Failed)so it's all been filled in, so it has got to be sanded down and filled in, and then to avoid painting it and making a mess, I will try to put a white stripe leading all down the tank past the fuel cap and to back of them bike to make it look more modern. Also the body parts will need replying including the front light and speedometer as they are cracked and damaged!

Will post some pic's later and keep up to date!!

The bike is also a 1996 Red!

Any help and advice is much appreciated! :)

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Cg125's are just simple, reliable little work horses. A really good starter bike.

I was a bit confused by your post Arran as you mention lights and brakes and then say you're gonna replace them with rubber ones.....probably not a good move with brakes..... :shock:

Spares are plentiful for these bikes....so I'm sure you'll have no problems fixing it up..... 8-)

Post pics as you go along........ :)

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>.< I mean we are replacing the brake lights! Trying to anyway, as these are stupidly big, we just took a closer look at it and all the back panels need replacing!

ideally i would like smaller rubber indicators like my dad has on his bandit! :) Will take pics tomorrow, the lighting is bad

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I bought this CG over a year ago and swapped the engine and wiring loom for one from a 2003 bike with electric start and 6k miles. It was pretty straightforward and you wont find a cheaper/easier bike to work on. I used a mikuni carb instead of the Keihin one and uprated the jets because I removed the PAIR valve (pulsed air injection, recirculates air from the exhaust through the carb to reduce emissions) and it wouldn't run right on the keihin. I might have a haynes knocking about for it somewhere if you cover the postage, give us a shout if want. That exhaust I found on E-bay for £20 it was immaculate, I paid about £140 for a pair of michelin Pilot sportys and it was probably the best money I spend on the bike, Transformed the handling of it.


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