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Manchester - Matlock


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Going to go to Matlock this sat 25th feb for a burger and a brew, if its cold will probably go up to the miners standard.

Leaving Hazel Grove at 10am should be at the fishpond car park Matlock Bath for about 11-30

all welcome.

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Should of posted Voodoo mate I'd of me you. But as TC cancelled it at 01.30am & noone else posted I binned it.



Voodoo, Lee just post up if you're coming or interested. I will put rides up but if there is no takers i will go out with other people.

We ended up at fishponds meeting up with 8 other members from here that just turned up there.

Good chat and ride over there

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Dave,what times good from McDONALD'S?


I think this the pm & text message was clear enough that I was meeting you there?

You pm'd me 01.30 sat morning saying your going with your mates & when I replied an invite for me? You ignored it, so pretty clear your intentions no?

At leat its clear now, crystal

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i understood the original post ok. meet at the fishpond carpark. which we did. me, rebel rach, devans, boothy, little cat, TC, and a couple of others. was a good day out, not too cold and the roads were dry. just a shame that the chip shop we had lunch in was minging; devans was getting all OCD about it lol.

and for those that havent met up with other forum members yet, please dont think that these are exclusive meets for cliques that you have to be "in" to attend. we have 5000 registered members and anyone is welcome..

i am looking forward to the next meet up.

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