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Hornet 600 problem


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I have a 98 hornet 600 with 54k miles on the clock. A couple months ago it was running fine with no problems at all but lately it seems like whenever i go to accelerate nothing seems to happen for a few seconds and then it will slowly start to pick up. it doesnt do this all the time but it has started happening alot and its almost like theres no power there. I usually find if i drop a gear it seems to start accelerationg due to more revs but today it wouldnt go any faster than about 10mph up a hill full throttle in first gear.

Any suggestions on what it could be as im pretty crap with this sort of stuff :(

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Is it carb or FI?

raise the wheels and check if they spin freely, could need new bearings or brakes could be dragging. Drive chain too tight?

Check the carburettor choke

check the air filter, make sure its relatively clean and unclogged.

could be a restricted fuel flow, remove the fuel hose and check how well the fuel is flowing from the petcock. if its pretty lame, open the petrol cap and then check again.

Also check the muffler isn't blocked.

Could do with perhaps removing the carb and giving the jets a good clean. with some compressed air.

Thats where i'd start

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Cheers for the reply, it has carbs and im pretty sure the bearings and brakes are fine. It definately feels like its some sort of engine problem so ill give the carbs and air filter a looking over on the weekend.

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