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Queries about bike size and test requirements

Guest MattBlack

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Hey everyone

I plan on getting my full bike test done for this summer and have a query.

I rode an RS50 when I was 16 and now being 19 my CBT has run out. I don't know what the norm is but I'd rather get something bigger than a 125 and restrict it for when I finally do pass. I understand I'll have to do my CBT again before I can even start learning for my test, but my question is to do with riding before I pass. Is there anyway I could ride a bigger bike on the CBT, restricted obviously? Surely only riding in lessons will take me ages to pass, plus be mega expensive.

Basically I don't want to buy a 125 to ride around on before I pass, to then have the hassle of selling and buying again after.

Do many people do their bike test without practicing outside of lessons?

Any help appreciated.

Thanks, Matt.

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You wont be able to ride anything bigger than a 125 with an instructor or not as you're only 19. You'll have to do your CBT then your theory and mod 1 and mod 2 before you can get anything bigger.

You'll be able to ride 33BHP so either a stock 33bhp bike or you can get a bigger bike and restrict it.

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If you're on a strict budget then I think tbh, you can do your test with just the lessons with the instructor. I mean, most car drivers learn and do the test with just the lessons and not their own time. my car instructor even said he hated people learning in their own time as they often picked up bad habits. So it's definitely perfectly fine to do it with only lessons. But I do think Priests method is better providing your lucky enough to have that option.

I personally did learn in my own time too and found it rather helpful. But I honestly learnt most of the stuff I needed for my test on my lessons, as long as you can ride a bike fine then all you need is lessons to show you how to ride safely and you'll be set. then go get yourself a BEAST! :mrgreen: I have the restricted licence, i got a stock 33bhp cb350sg. it does me, can cope with 80 happily and go right round to 105 or so which is fine for your first few years!

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You kinda have to weigh up the cost of lessons on a bike bike against buying a 125 & teaching yourself.

If you buy wisely, a good 125 will hold it's value for when you want to sell it so you probably wouldn't lose much money, if any. :)

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buy a 125, there is plenty enough power to start with, they can reach around 70-75, or so depending on the bike, also if you haven't rode with gears before, then you may find it tricky to get used to, which you could do it at your own pace on your own bike, yes doing the lessons alone may come out more expensive.

if you buy a 125, its a one off big bill, then you ride it on the roads, which is constant experience, you can practice mod one on a car park, which is more practice, take it on a lesson with you, which will be cheaper than renting theres!.

the main thing is, buy something like a little ybr, they hold their value, so you don't lose much, its cheap insurance as it isn't some little rs125 getting rode around redlining everywhere. they are easy to ride, easy to learn on and enough power to get you through the test.

ps even though you can't restrict a 600 down to a 125 power, if you could, with the weight of the bike you would ride around at 40 everywhere, which isnt fun at all. thought i would just throw that in there

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There's no right and wrong way to do it

Yes, you can pass your test with only lessons. Loads of people do.

Some people on the forum have also passed Mod 1 and 2 on the forum with no lessons at all, just CBT and experience on a 125cc.

A 125 will hold it's value (unless you trash it or buy brand new) and they are easy to sell.

Don't forget your theory test.

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I wouldn't think you'd have a problem selling a 125 either, provided you keep it in good nick. I bought mine, did my CBT then rode myself for six months before having a lesson before Mod one and again before Mod 2. I got a good price back for my bike when I sold it and the six months practise I got on the roads was invaluable and didn't cost me anything, I only paid for the tests and the two lessons I had.

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