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What model was it? 2010 White

When did you buy it and how much did it cost? I bought it on 28th December, 2010, just before the VAT increase :) £3850 new.

Good points? Fun factor ! This bike is so much fun, so fast from lights, so quick around corners, so fast to stop as well.

Looks, I think it looks great, and have been asked in garages so many times 'what size is that? it can't be a 125, its too big!'.

People say RS125's are unreliable and prone to blowing up, probably true, if you do not care of them. If you do take the simplest precautions, then they reward you for it.

Mine has started first time, every time, no matter what weather.

Great acceleration up to 55ish, top speed on learner legal is around 75ish.

Bad points? Probably higher insurance than other 125's.

High theft target.

WILL blow up if you do not take simple precautions.

Expensive on oil, as have to use good brand fully synthetic.

Would you get another? No, because after passing my test I will be moving onto bigger bikes. I would buy one for my son if he ever wants to get into biking however.


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