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Lexmoto Vixen HN125-8 side stand switch engine cut off


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Your engines cutting out at odd times and is a bugger to start. oh woe is me :crybaby: fear not here is one of the solutions that works for me.

1 find the side stand switch and trace the wire under the engine.

2 cut the cable tie

3 pull out the plug and inspect the terminals. mine were grotty and coroaded.

4 cut the wires at the switch end off and discard the wire.

5 locate the other end of the socket the wire goes up the back of the engine and pull up behind the engine.

6 find the two wires that are the same in the socket mine were yellow with a red stripe, join them together some how, i pulled them out cut the connecting tabs off and spliced them together.

7 insulting tape to temperarily cover them, try to start the beast, bingo.

8 vasaline or other petrolium jelly in to the conector in large quantities.

9 plastic bag and large amounts of insulting tape so no damp water or other muck can get in.

10 cable tie the wire to the frame behind the air filter and Bobs your elderly relative. working bike.

settings for carb mix screw (float bowl in the middle bugger to get to) 2 and a half turns out

should be reving at 1200 to 1500

hope this is usefull to some others. :cheers:

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except the safety switch on the side stand is now not working so you could set off with the side stand down!!

Yep, but it makes me wonder how we and many before us managed to ride bikes without falling off every 5mins. As much as it is an excellent safety device not something that can't be done without.

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