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Tyre Advice please


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My MOT is due up next couple of weeks and I need to replace my tyres,

One garage has given me a quote for bridgstone at £240 fully fitted etc, and an other garage has said they will charge £20 per wheel to fit if I supply the tyres.

I am getting them fitted when the bike has its MOT so its not a matter of just taking in the wheels. If I buy them myself what would you recommend, its fitted with dunlops at the moment and have been told these are very hard and I might be better with a softer tyre, I am fairly new to riding, coming up to one year and am not aggressive with the bike. I want tyres that I can run in quickly and feel safe and grippy leaning into corners.

Should I buy myself or ask the dealer to do the lot


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so you have two choices

take the bike to the dealer and get the tyres fitted at £240


get tyres delivered at what cost? + the price of fully fitted to your bike usually around £40 for you to ride the bike in also struggle to get the tyres there you would have to get the tyres for less then £200 to be worth your while

what tyres are they there is loads of bridgestones

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£240 fitted don't sound too bad to me........but there are guys around that can supply tyres that you'd need to get fitted.....and the price depends on size, speed rating, compound, etc. I've got Bridgestone BT014's on my bike.....which are pretty grippy, but the downside is that they also wear quite fast too. Maybe check a ER6 forum and see what the guys on there reckon are good tyres...... :wink:

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Michelin Pilot Road 2CT. That's what's fitted to my bike - brilliant, hard-wearing tyre. Much cheaper now that the 3CT has come out, but the 2CT is still the same good tyre!



Haggle with the fitters with the price, I got £30 knocked off mine by haggling.


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