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Shin Protector in Leathes, cannot find a boot to fit!

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*mini rant*

I have the Dainese T Avro 2 suit, bought just before xmas, worn them over xmas around the house, bedding them getting them soft.

I used them on for a rideout January time, low & behold the boots i have SIDI black rains, i cannot fasten securely at the top due to the shin plate protector in the leathers.

Not a biggie, I'll go buy a new set of boots :)

Can i find a pair that give the required room for the shin plate and fasten securely in a size 44/9.5/10 that also give my feet a good fit? NO.. Every pair i have tried either will not allow the boot to be fastened securely or the boot fits insecurely and either my ankle is not sitting right (too tight) or there's too much movement (too loose).

Nipped into Dainese (Mcr) Monday only boot that really fitted was the http://www.dainese.com/uk_en/motorbike/st-axial-pro-in.html?destinazione_uso=45&cat=125 @ £313.00 - out of my price range.

At the moment my Sidi Rains I lose about 2" on the zip and half the Velcro to fit properly, my Sidi Cobra's just don't even fasten.

I was thinking about cutting out the shin plate in the leathers, well not me but get them professionally cut out,


Get a pair and live with a badly fitting boot or cut the shin plate out?

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Catch 22, i tried them zipped over and you can't zip the leathers all the way "down", feels insecure. I'm off trying a pair of SIDI Vertigo's today.

All i need then is to lose the 3" extra i put on my bloody love handles over the Xmas period from not working and I won't look like a blind Elvis impersonator in a Power Ranger suit.!

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Try the Puma Moto 1000's

I have a pair of these. You put your foot in a sock type thing that is part of the boot ant then the shin part of the boot close like a clam and it has massive amounts of adjustment.

They were an absolute bitch to get on an off when I 1st got them, but once they wore in a bit they are the comfiest boot in the world. Almost like wearing my slippers.

Edit: http://www.bikingdirect.com/puma/spares ... 580-p.html

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Just seen the video :)

http://www.jsaccessories.co.uk/sidi-ver ... -4475.html

Cheers dimmers, need to go try a pair this weekend.

back on topic, yes they give good room. I have them done up quite tight and there is still room for my leathers to tuck in. With them fully open you do get a lot of space. I'd say they would be perfect for what you're looking for.

Plus they are a great boot, they even do a goretex version for a bit extra (50 quid ish), but the standard is pretty water proof as it is, unless you're in a real downpour.

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Oh I dunno - some may find it attractive??!! :lol:


[attachment=0]ugly elvis.jpg[/attachment]


Oh dear god... so its true Elvis has been working/eating in my local chippie :shock:

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