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Travelling Light


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Rennie and I are off to Spain next month! :D 8-) :cheers:

As we're only going for 4 nights, we decided not to pay for luggage & just take hand luggage.

Different airlines seem to have different policies regarding hand luggage - some just go on the size of the case/bag but others have a weight restriction. We're flying with BMI Baby & they have a weight restriction! :roll:

I need to buy a little case that fits the dimensions they specify but that is also nice & light, so that the case itself doesn't take up most of the allowance!!

Can anyone reccommend one - not too expensive??!!

Oh and I can't possibly travel without hair dryer and straighteners - I've got some mini straighteners but can anyone suggest a decent (as in doesn't take 3 weeks to dry your hair!!) travel hairdryer please?

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You can get luggage that is extremely light these days - I had to take a load of wedding gifts over to Australia which took up most of my luggage allowance, so I needed a large but very light case! Some can be rather expensive but if you shop around there are some that aren't - I can't remember the make of mine but I got it in a sale at House of Fraser and it wasn't a bad price (I'll go and look at the make in a mo) .

The lightest luggage will usually be soft, so if you are taking anything that will need protection it may not be up to the job. However having said that, I managed to transport a bone china teapot, cake stand and cups all the way to Sydney via Singapore without breakages LOL!! Of all the wedding gifts I had to buy :roll: :roll: :roll: Trouble is I had to pack them in hard boxes to protect them, which kind of defeated the lightweight case :lol:

If you Google light or ultra light luggage you'll get loads come up, Amazon also do them :)

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I use a backpack when I'm travelling light. Easy to carry and generally falls within the cabin baggage criteria.....and light. My main backpack that I use for this is an Eastpak one that I've had for 15 years now. Be suprised just how much you can cram into it as well. Just remember the Sharp and liquids rule when packing!!.... :wink:

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