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Well karma is a b1tch


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Some of you may remember a post last week where I slated a certain pub chain for microwave burgers. Well guess who has just been asked to manage a kitchen of said chain for two weeks whilest the current KM is on a disciplinary. We are owned by the same company, in the same way crown carveries, harvester and browns are owned by the same company, different price brackets and menu specs. Had the spec sent over today, 30-40 seconds in microwave for a burger :( can't really say no as I want to progress to a larger kitchen and a lot more money, it's going to look good in my portfolio as volume is high but with a low price so general take is round the same, staffed a lot more though.

Those microwaves will be pinging in my ears when I try to sleep at night. It's at least 70% microwaved :(

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Unfortunately down to the way the industry is at the minute most chefs I have met at college like the job security that comes with working for a chain.. http://www.browns-restaurants.co.uk/food/ that's a good menu and really decent food, plus independent chefs only have to work to the law as far as food handling will go, most large company policies go above and beyond the law. Plus independents only deal with EOH inspections once every 12 months, companys have CMI checks every 6 months plus EOH.

I hate eating in the same place and having two different quality meals, it's happened to me a few times, eaten at a pub that's been really decent food then second time it's been terrible, hot held food, re-fried chips, lazy chefs and insufficent training are to blame and the fault really lies with the kitchen manager for that.

Knowing the law on food and company procedure better than the staff in a pub goes a long way to aiding complaints though. Demand contact details for retail business managers!

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Hey mate....I've noticed a typo in your signature.......shouldn't it read " you never know how many BURGERS your gonna burn"............ :lol: :lol:


Can you burn a burger in a microwave? :lol:

15 minutes on full power instead of defrost (accidentally) makes a hell of a mess of a raw burger, mind you commercial microwaves are a hell of a lot more powerful than domestic microwaves..

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