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(RANT) Getting sick of this car already


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as some of you know I bought a car at end janruary, However It has been sold to me with soo many faults. Since janruary it has been booked in to get its tracking fixed. It was booked in to get the Exhaust heat sensor thing sorted as the Exhaust emmisions light stays lit on the dash. Got car back about a month ago there and the light is still on. They said they need to book it into the manufacturer and that they would call me when they had a booking.

Today I went into the garage to see if there was any progress. The TWATS hadnt even booked it in!!!. Now Ive got to wait 2 weeks before I can drop the car off to them. Which is a tad annoying because the problem is making the car sluggish, Jumpy and eats through fuel.

Also my dad noticed last night that he thinks the bloody left brake on the car isn't working as there is rust starting to appear on the brake discs while the right one is all shiney.

cars a Mk5 Astra elite.

wish i never bought the daft thing and that I could return it as it was sold technically faulty. :( :(

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Tracking isn't really a fault as such, just a maintenance issue. As for the emmisions light. Was it on when you bought it? The rear brake caliper sticking is also a maintenance issue and down to wear and tear. Some warranty companies will pay for it, some won't. How long have you been without the car and how many miles have you driven it?

The main point is that you've only had the car since January. I'm no legal eagle but I'm sure you'd have a case for buying goods not fit for purpose and you may be able to get your money back. I'd take a trip to Citizens Advice.

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The light was on when I bought it , however the salesman said it should go off within 5-10 mins of driving it , but it didn't , so I took it back to them.

Ive had the car since 31st january. Car had 48717 miles on it. now its got 49570. I didnt do all those miles though, the garage did some while taking the car on its "test runs"

Before I booked the car in the first time it only had one fault code on its display when I did the pedal test. Now that ive got it back off them its now got 3 fault codes!!

Said to the guy at the garage that all these things should have been sorted before the car was sold to me. and he AGREED!

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Just back from the garage again.

They hooked the car up to their machines to find out what the other error codes were all about. Turns out they all point to a sensor in the exhaust that isnt the one that they replaced. IDIOTS lol.

So they have booked it in to the manufacturer. However they said that it may be a wiring issue, so they are going to get that checked too.

This is the last chance I'm giving them. Even the service manager dude of the place was furious at how it wasn't sorted out before they gave the car back to me.

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I had a DPF Exhaust sensor go on my new car cost me £170 just 3 weeks out of warrenty and vauxhall told me to jog on.

I'm having the DPF filter removed and the ECU remapped.

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