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Running rough, but why ?

Guest christoone

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Hello All,

ZZR 6 (1999) is running rough as hell lately. Though can't quite figure out the issue before stripping down the thing.

I thought I over filled the oil at one point, but it seemed fine. Anyway, I drained a bit just to be on the safe side. After draining a bit it ran superb and normal again.

Then I realised I drained a bit too much. So I re-filled again to the correct level, now it seems to be running shite again.

I did notice a bit of oil seeping through the left side carb (never good), but what do you suggest ?

It's almost like when revving, a lack of fuel is getting to the carbs, so have to keep her in high revs to keep her ticking. Get's better as she warms up, but still not perfect :(


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Pull the spark plugs out and see if any of them are oily. If any are oily then you need to look at the cylinder that it came from......could be valve seals, piston rings, head gasket, etc.

If none of them are oily....then stick a new set of plugs in, check/replace the airfilter, make sure the airbox inlets are clear and then see how it goes..... :mrgreen:

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